Struggling with Relationships

Recently, my Survivor’s group discussed the difficulty we all have with relationships. Everyone at one point in their lives has difficulties with forming and maintaining relationships, but this discussion shed a great deal of light on the unique struggles that survivors have with all types of relationships. Think back to a time when you hadContinue reading “Struggling with Relationships”

Sexual Intimacy Issues

Sexual intimacy is a beautiful, complex set of emotional behaviors and physical acts that, at times, can difficult for healthy functioning adults to navigate. When sexual abuse becomes a part of the scenario, intimacy can be difficult and devastating. Children were never meant to have sexual relationships. The capacity in their brains to understand andContinue reading “Sexual Intimacy Issues”

There Are No Dueling Traumas!

I’m part of an adult male sexual survivors group that frequently shares the stories of their childhood sexual abuse, the hurts that the abuse has caused, and the general day-to-day life of being a survivor. It hurts every time I hear the stories of our abuse! No matter how many times I’ve heard the survivor’sContinue reading “There Are No Dueling Traumas!”