About Me

I was born in Worland, Wyoming and lived there until I left for college at 18. By far, the best part about living in a small town was the education I was able to receive. I had wonderful teachers, who encouraged me to explore a variety of opportunities. I was involved in band, cross country, track, and a variety of clubs. I traveled through most of the western United States, Washington D.C., and I was an exchange student to Italy.

I came to southern California to attend Whittier College, majoring in Biochemistry. Most people believed I would have majored in music or in writing, but science had always been my passion. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend graduate school to pursue a doctoral degree in immunology. Yet, I found that teaching high school was my calling.

I started my career at Duarte High School, which was a wonderful environment for a young teacher to experiment with a variety of instructional strategies and to learn a tremendous amount about young people. I then moved to Whittier High School and have been working as a science teacher.

I have been married since 1996 to my wonderful and supportive wife, Crissy. I have three incredible sons, Jason, Derek, and Kevin. My family has been wonderfully supportive and encouraging with my writing and my involvement in bringing the topic of childhood sexual abuse out into the open.

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