Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse

Finding Hope

I have had some recent discussions with fellow survivors centering on our value. Many survivors, and some others who have not experienced sexual abuse, have a difficult time with our self value. I began to look at my value different after having some of these discussions. I had always believed that I had no valueContinue reading “Finding Hope”

Healing Family Wounds

During my therapy sessions the last few weeks, I feel as if I have made some tremendous strides in healing the wounds from my parents. That understanding has included being able to realize where my parents were coming from and the baggage, both known and unknown to me, which they carried into parenthood. I’ve learnedContinue reading “Healing Family Wounds”


The start of the new year has always been a time when we make promises and goals for ourselves to improve upon various parts of our lives. In recent years, I’ve heard people talk less about resolutions because they want to focus on actually making measurable goals that they will be able to achieve. EspeciallyContinue reading “Resolutions”


Holidays are a stressful time for everyone, but for a survivor, they can be paralyzing. Since there are several expectations, various obligations, and differences in schedules and routines, many people struggle with just keeping up the the tremendous responsibilities. In the end, getting together with family and friends to celebrate is worth the reward ofContinue reading “Holidays”


My therapist asked me once if I was thankful that I had been molested. He prefaced with the fact he knew that it was an odd question, so I understood that I would have to think on the question for a little bit. Once he asked, I knew exactly what he was going for. HeContinue reading “Thankfulness”

Struggling with Relationships

Recently, my Survivor’s group discussed the difficulty we all have with relationships. Everyone at one point in their lives has difficulties with forming and maintaining relationships, but this discussion shed a great deal of light on the unique struggles that survivors have with all types of relationships. Think back to a time when you hadContinue reading “Struggling with Relationships”


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