It’s Important to Talk About

This weekend, our society was again confronted about the subject of racism, as we watched protesters speak out against the murder of George Floyd. However, rioters and looters deflected the issue once again using an important talking point for selfish gain. In order for an issue to be understood and solved, it first must be brought into the open and talked about. Just like racism needs to be discussed, the issue of childhood sexual abuse should not be hidden any longer.

For Survivors, talking about their pasts and reliving the events of their trauma is hard and overwhelming. For those who have not experienced an abusive past, the issue can be extremely difficult to even hear about, let alone be brought into a discussion about. However, all of us need to make a concerted effort to bring this topic into light. For healing to begin for the Survivor, they need to have difficult and uncomfortable conversations in order to bring themselves back to a functional and then thriving life. For prevention to happen, everyone needs to understand how sexual abuse occurs and what to look for in predatory behavior.

I know how difficult it is to talk about sexual behavior, especially when it deviates from the normal. However, it is a much easier conversation to have before abuse occurs. The discussion after abuse happens is filled with guilt, shame, and confusion. It’s hard, but it can be more healing than you can imagine.

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