Striking a Balance with Hobbies

As an introvert, many of the hobbies that I involve myself center on things I can do alone. I love reading, and most of the time, I like a quiet still environment to fully get into the story. I can read with others around and sometimes when others are watching TV, but it isn’t the way I prefer to spend that time. When I first started reading for pleasure, I was in high school and inspired by some teachers that had a passion for literature. I fell in love with Tolstoy, partly because of his legendary status as writing historical fiction. I was amazed at how he brought me into a world which I knew nothing about, but that I somehow participated in their lives as I read through his stories. He spurred me on to read other Russian novelists, which then brought about reading other 19th century writers. Agatha Christie sparked a love for who-done-it stories, while Ayn Rand helped me to understand more of the human condition.

Another of my favorite hobbies was running. I was in track in high school, and I ran sprints competitively until I dropped the baton in a relay. After that, I could no longer bring myself to run on a track. However, I developed a habit of running longer distances, which I found helped my mind refocus during stressful times in my life. It also caused me to consider weightlifting as another means of physical outlet.

An obviously I love to write. Here is a way that I can create my own world, fashion it the way I think it should be, and control a character or situation. I’ve always heard that men are driven to make things; build a house, repair a car, landscape, and so forth. I struggled with that until I realize that I make an entirely new world when I right. So, I fit right in with that!

Regardless of what type of person you are, I encourage you to find hobbies to help express yourself and to re-center your life. Not only do these things provide a relief for a period of time, but they can build character, help you heal in your journey, and build relationships with others. I believe they are a great way to use the psychological tools that you learn to improve your life.

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