Being Physically Healthy

Since last March, I have really made concerted attempts to go to the gym regularly. Except for a week or two of illness and vacation, I have gone between four and six times a week. I’ve really felt good about my goals, my consistency, and my progress. It has been a huge benefit to my mental health.

I feel that survivors should make an effort to keep themselves physically healthy. I’m certainly not going to advocate for one type of exercise over the other. I would hope that you would commit to something to better yourself. What has worked for me is to have a particular goal in mind, gaining more muscle, losing more weight, and committing to the gym with some consistency. However you chose to do it, make a plan, get some accountability, and do it.

My therapist gave me some great advice when trying to get back in the gym. He said to start with something small, which is what I have always done more entire life. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself. I had in my mind that I would just go walking on the treadmill. Once I got to the gym though I realized that I could do much more. And from that point on, that was how I got back into a very good gym routine.

It hasn’t been easy, though. There are times that I’m exhausted after work, and I would rather just take a nap. There are times I would rather eat a whole bunch of really bad food. There are times that I would rather just stop all of this madness because I’m just getting old. But once I’m at the gym, and especially after, I feel great about my commitment.

I encourage you all to keep your physical body active. It will help you with your overall state of mind. It will keep you focused on the goals of healing in your journey. Above all, pick something you enjoy because it can make a huge difference in your lifestyle.

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