The start of the new year has always been a time when we make promises and goals for ourselves to improve upon various parts of our lives. In recent years, I’ve heard people talk less about resolutions because they want to focus on actually making measurable goals that they will be able to achieve. Especially this year, I find that it’s important we move forward to better our lives and those around us. As the new year begins, I hope that we can remember all of the good things that came out of 2020.

When the pandemic is over, I’m hopeful that we will remember how valuable the time was that we spent with our families. I’ve been blessed to have my boys all at home so that we could strengthen the bonds we already have between us. My family has definitely improved because of the time that we’ve spent together .

I’m also hopeful that we will remember to look out for the best interests of others and maintain our sense of humor. We have seen and experience a lot of generosity and benevolence towards one another. I also know that I’ve laughed more during this pandemic than I ever remember because of the humor and light-heartedness that others have maintained in the face of quarantine.

As a survivor, however, I feel like we still have a lot to do. One of the most important things on my agenda is to get people discussing the issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse. It’s not the easiest subject to talk about, and I encourage anyone who feels comfortable enough to tell their own story to do so. I also want to encourage survivors to take steps in their own healing. Find a therapist, if you’ve never done so. Join a group so that you can share your story and not feel alone. Confide in someone, if you’ve had that niggling in your gut to do so. Reach out if you need help.

I wish I had the answers on how we could stop childhood sexual abuse. However, I know that we aren’t doing society any favors if we don’t start talking about it more and making it a part of the conversation on how to make humankind better.

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