What Do I Need?

I asked this question of myself the other day: What do I need to continue my journey of recovery? I feel like I’ve come so far since my youth in becoming more emotionally healthy. Currently, I am in therapy once a week, which has been outstanding. I’ve been exercising five to six time a week for the past couple of months, which has been amazing in helping my body feel better. I’ve been on medication for years, only currently reducing the amount in hopes of eliminating it altogether. I contact my friends on a regular basis so that I keep those relationships thriving. I set goals at work, creating a list to maintain them so that I can see my achievements throughout the week. So, what else do I need?

I think I asked myself this question because I feel like I’m at a plateau, but a good plateau. My life is good now, actually great. But…am I doing enough? I can look at everything that I’ve done and I should feel pretty good about my journey. However, those of you reading this that know me also know that I’m an overachiever. I don’t want to settle in my personal growth. So what do I do now?

One conclusion I’ve come to is to help others with their own recovery. I’m a leader of a group of male survivors, but how much further can I take this? I write stories that hopefully will help others talk about their own abuse. I also hope that those who haven’t been sexually abused will find a new understanding and empathy for those who have been abused. I believe this is the next step in my journey: to give back to others what I have been so graciously been given.

So, what do you need? What are the steps you need to help you on your journey? Take a few moments and think about where you’ve been, where you are at, and where you would like to go? You don’t have to be an overachiever by any means. One step is still a step forward. I would encourage you to reach out to others so that they can help you, walk along side you, and be a part of the remarkable journey of your recovery.

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