Happy Resurrection Day

I guess it’s not a coincidence that I start my first blog on Easter Sunday. My faith has had a great deal to do with my healing from the trauma of my own sexual abuse. I know that my innocence and my young adulthood was robbed from me, but my manhood and my identity was restored because of my faith. I believe that many who have experienced trauma and have healed from it have a higher power whom they can believe in.

As I walk through this journey, I hope that I can challenge all of you who join me to not only find healing but also explore faith in your own journey. I realize that many who have been through sexual abuse were perpetrated by a member of a religious organization. My hope is that you will be able to look past the institution where your abuse occurred and focus on moving forward in your journey.

4 thoughts on “Happy Resurrection Day

  1. Harry, I am so incredibly proud of you and excited to read your book. You sharing your journey will only open doors for others like us and allow God to use your experiences for good. I also have lived and survived my own sexual abuse story as a teenager. God bless you and your family! My respect for you all has always run deep and runs deeper still… Love you all.


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